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Meet Chip.

Chip got connected to our outreach team when he reached out to get help because the vehicle he was living in broke down. Our outreach team referred him to the Union Gospel Mission and completed housing paperwork. From the day he turned in the paperwork until the day he moved in was just 1 month!

He is very happy to have a place of his own and is proud to be the fastest success story. 

Meet Vanessa.

Ana, from our outreach team, shared this about Vanessa:

Vanessa has shown so much growth from her first time engaging in case management. She moved into her apartment from the Salvation Army.

She cried tears of overwhelming joy because after experiencing so much pain and heartache, she finally had a place of her own where she could learn how to live life again, at her own pace. 

We wish all the best to Vanessa and Chip and we want to express a deep gratitude for great community partners like UGM and the Salvation Army!



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