Luke 14:12-14

12Then Jesus said to his host, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. 13But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, 14and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

  1. To restore dignity and relieve hunger through SHARED MEALS.

  2. To intentionally LISTEN TO THE STORIES of those who are experiencing homelessness, while looking for opportunities to affirm assets and motivation.

  3. To ASK those who are homeless about current goals and PRAY FOR EVERY NEED we can.

  4. To meet critical needs of shelter and clothing through RELATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS.

  5. To increase our ADVOCACY, AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING, and LOVE for the homeless in Salem.

  6. To invite all who join us to SERVANTHOOD and leadership.

  7. To say NO to VIOLENCE, and YES to making PEACE as a COMMUNITY.

a banquet of love & acceptance for those who need it most

Church@thePark believes that a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture enhances our ability to fulfill our mission.

We strive for equality and justice in the way people are treated and the opportunities they have to succeed by working to address racism, unequal treatment and other barriers to inclusion. We strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds (including communities of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, and people with disabilities) to apply and join us in our work. We welcome your resumes even if there is not a position currently available that fits your interest and experience.






TURNER ROAD DAY CENTER:  (503) 979-7054


Founding Pastor & Chief Executive Officer

Overseer of a beautiful mess.  Champion for the vision, partnerships and training of leaders who seek mutual transformations.  DJ seeks to develop new leaders, partnerships and resources to free those experiencing homelessness from the bondage of scarcity and invite everyone into a community of abundance.


Pastor & Chief

Operations Officer

Josh has served youth and families through providing after school opportunities, workforce development and safe family environments across the state.  Seeing the unsheltered individuals in our city has motivated him to develop new dignifying, low barrier jobs, and shelters. Reach out to Josh for more about our shelter sites and job opportunities.

C_P Sean R_edited.jpg

Pastor & Chief

Clinical Officer

From a young age Sean has admired the tenacity and courage required to survive the physical, mental, social, and spiritual hardships of living unsheltered, so he has sought to dedicate his professional career to empathizing, encouraging and edifying the people who experience homelessness. He obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology from George Fox University's Graduate School of Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on spiritual care and psychological trauma in order to better support and advocate for individuals, institutions, and systems that serve with those that have experience of homelessness. Church@thePark has been a place Sean has found passion and compassion since 2017, and he is honored to dedicate his services to this group of people that care so deeply for the dignity of the human spirit within each of us.


Housing & Chief

Development Officer

After growing up in Salem and obtaining her MSW at Eastern Washington University, Sam spent 10 years in Spokane developing programs to support people experiencing homelessness. She recently moved back to Oregon with her family and is supporting our case management, outreach, grants and business management teams.


Pastor of Community Development

John is a graduate of Whitworth University, where he earned a degree in Peace Studies, and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity at Portland Seminary. Captivated by the theme of Shalom, John works with our staff and volunteers to design services that are relevant, dignifying, and restorative for our community.

C_P Sterling_edited.jpg

Storyteller &

Spiritual Care

Sterling, a University of Oregon graduate with over 15 years experience in Peace Building among marginalized groups, is a Year 2019 Oregon Literary Arts Fellow, year 2020 PEN America Writing for Justice Fellow and an award winning author who believes storytelling is the most beautiful way to dissolve stigma and raise empathy.

C_P Cory_edited.jpg

Assistant Pastor

& Staff Writer

Cory's role at C@P is to care for people and care for words as a pastoral presence for guests and staff and as a writer.  He previously worked as a pastor, teacher, and as a manager for a treatment court program and a program for adjudicated youth.

C_P Krystal_edited.jpg

Executive Assistant

Krystal is a graduate of Portland State University, where she earned her bachelors degree in Communication Studies. Offering administrative support for our teams and projects, Krystal enjoys building meaningful relationships with those around her and is passionate about helping Church@thePark serve our unhoused neighbors.

C_P Andy_edited.jpg

Finance Director

Andy has been involved in faith-based ministries since his days at the University of Oregon, and has spent 30 years working in student ministries.  He and his family recently moved to Salem and Andy is looking forward to bringing a mindset of service and stewardship to his role in helping Church@thePark serve and care for unsheltered neighbors in our city.

C_P Helena J_edited.jpg

Human Resources Generalist

After graduating from Corban University in 2018, Helena hopped into the Salem non-profit sector in human resources, gaining her HR SHRM-CP certification in 2021. Fueled by the desire to create compassionate and inclusive spaces for those unsheltered in our city, Helena joined the C@P team in early 2022. Helena is passionate about caring for Church@thePark's employees well, many of which are those we serve.   

C_P Maria M_edited.jpg

Shelter Operations


Maria comes to use from Los Angeles, California where she previously worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities. She loves working in the midst of chaos and bringing a sense of unity and peace. Maria is happy to be an empathetic listener to those who need it most.

C_P Matt_edited.png

Navigation Services Manager

Matt graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. He has experience in both case management and program development. Matt is committed to supporting and strengthening the outreach, case management, and health navigation teams at Church@thePark in order to effectively serve those who are most vulnerable in our community. 


Shelter Operations

Assistant Manager

Cheyenne is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where she earned her bachelor’s of education in Family and Human Services. She is passionate about inviting our unhoused neighbors into meaningful relationships of inclusion and mutual transformation by welcoming all guests and partners of Church@thePark to the banquet of belonging.

C_P Megan P_edited.jpg

Navigation Services Assistant Manager

Megan served as a youth pastor specializing in high risk youth for several years before joining the Church@thePark team. Her passion for serving our unsheltered neighbors comes from her own background of experiencing and overcoming homelessness. She would like to see those we serve as individuals and offer love and acceptance in the most genuine form.


CCS Site Manager

With a background in advocacy and her previous experience working for CASA, Elene is the Shelter Manager for Church@thePark. She continues her passion in social services through being a listening ear and helping to create a safe environment for our guests to shelter and feel accepted.

C_P Roy_edited.jpg

Village of Hope

Site Manager

A former restaurateur, Roy recently moved to Salem from Los Angeles and is passionate about empathy and efficacy - striving to create an understanding, compassionate, transitional environment for the houseless population in our city.

C_P Ray W_edited.jpg

Organizational Development


As a leadership coach and DEI consultant, Ray's vision is to see communities where every identity belongs and thrives. He is an active member of local community boards, a facilitator/speaker on DEI concepts and leadership development, and a mentor for the next generation of leaders. Ray holds a bachelor’s degree from Willamette University, focusing on Sociology and American Ethnic Studies, and a master’s in Business from George Fox University.

C_P Christopher C_edited.jpg

Intake & Data Coordinator

With a background in mentoring individuals and walking along side them, Christopher has a passion to be present in others lives. Being a graduate from Western Oregon University with a bachelors in psychology, Christopher desires to listen and offer support to anyone who needs it. As a Church@thePark team member he hopes to bring his empathy skills to the table and advocate for those we serve.