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Meet Sam & Lu.

Many will remember that Sam and Lu were married at Village of Hope in 2023!

Here is what Juan, Sam and Lu’s Case Manager had to say about their journey:

Sam and Lu have recently gotten their first apartment after being houseless for over 20 years. They have overcome so many tragedies and difficulties yet have always maintained a positive attitude. Sam and Lu are very resilient, since their stay with C@P Sam had a TBI and was also diagnosed with cancer. Through all of this, his partner LuVana never left his side and always kept pushing for her partner.

Despite all the curveballs life has thrown at them they remain positive and carry such an amazing energy with them. Every morning Luvana always has something nice to say, she is always cracking jokes and complementing those around her, bringing lots of laughter and smiles.

LuVana says she can't thank C@P enough for supporting them and helping them obtain permanent housing. They will be missed around here but we could not be more grateful at the fact that they have secured housing!



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