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This is Kay.

Kay might look familiar to you because she has been interviewed twice for Humanity of Homelessness. We have had the honor of being in relationship with Kay for a while now. Kay has a huge heart and loves stepping in to help others around her. Before Kay started staying at our pallet shelters, she would stay long hours at the church site to help clean the building before the next day. Here’s what Kay had to say about the reality of homelessness, “People think we are lazy because we are homeless. It is a job surviving day to day on the streets. We never have time to rest. Normal people live month to month, but we need new resources every day: food, transportation, a place to sleep. It is a tough and difficult life, then you get sick and don’t have access to a doctor. We feel like we cannot be seen by a doctor. We have to wait for hours at the emergency room. Then the bill we get makes you feel shame for not having any resources.” We are thankful for people that are willing to jump in and who are as kind as Kay.



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