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Our hearts are broken following a tragic accident in our community this past week.

Luke Cagey was one of the victims living at the site of the crash.

From the Statesman Journal:

Those who knew Kagey at the encampment remember him as an at times immature and odd young "kid" who was excited to become a new father and deeply cared about others.

Kagey was excited to become a dad.

"Him finding out we were pregnant was just so amazing. He was so excited and started doing all kinds of research. He wanted to know all he could before she got here."

Kagey had been working as a tire mechanic at Discount Tires since September, according to his Facebook page. On social media, Kagey shared sporadic updates about his life and struggles and photos of his favorite musician, Juice Wrld. Kagey idolized the artist, said one friend. [One friend] considered Kagey his "brother." The two met at the Union Gospel Mission shelter downtown. Losing Kagey was like losing his brother all over again, he said. "He was a crazy little kid but he was great too," he said.

We invite you to continue to grieve for and with our unsheltered neighbors.

A SPACE FOR MOURNING AND GRIEVING was held at the site of the crash this past Saturday. Below is a brief write-up of the event from KGW, along with some videos about the event and one of the victims.


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