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Meet John.

Here is what John had to say:

”My first memory of meeting DJ was at the farthest back sheltered area at Cascades Gateway Park, a meal was being served to us residents. Some time after that I asked DJ about a tent and he delivered it to me and my camp mate "behind" Home Depot just off of Lancaster. I heard about the warming shelter later when I was downtown and the mission would allow me with my dog Buddy.”

Here is what DJ said about John: “When John and I connected again at a Sunday meal he asked me about helping him with the cost of a diversion program. I was excited to hear his story and eagerness to get back to work. When John finished the program he was immediately working again, but continued to connect with C@P. I still remember the Christmas eve service at Aldersgate Camp in Turner when he asked to be baptized and for the community to recognize his commitment to a new life. When John proposed to Misty he asked for me to help them with marriage counseling and the wedding ceremony.:

”After John and Misty were married they became volunteers with C@P helping others with meals and relational navigation. Many times John has used his experience as a contractor to renovate and improve the building at Turner Rd., including the addition of a laundry room and small kitchen space in the past two years. John now serves on our Board and faithfully helps us discern opportunities and program development.”

We are thankful for our relationship with John!



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