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Meet Bob.

From one of our original Humanity of Homelessness book:

Bob and Lilly first connected with C@P 2007 while they were living out of their car in Cascades Gateway Park. They started joining us for meals.  They were the type of people who immediately wanted to help with setup and clean up. They also started inviting others they knew to come to the meal and connect with resources. It was not long before Bob found work as a landscaper and an RV location for them to live in West Salem. Bob and Lilly continued to come to meals and soon started volunteering. The Christmas retreat we call "Room in the Inn" was a place they found a special place of belonging and acceptance. After being married in the chapel at Aldersgate on Christmas eve both Bob and Lilly continued to serve those without homes with both meals and rides.We are continually grateful for relationships like this that we get to form with people.



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