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Meet LuVanna.

LuVanna is a guest at the Village of Hope site and she has been working hard towards her goals. Lu has kept a smile on her face despite all the battles she has been facing such as being homeless, overcoming addiction, and her partner being in an accident. He is currently in a care facility recovering from his accident. Lu has been and is super grateful for the opportunity to be a guest at our site. She appreciates the staff and residents around her which help keep her on track and guide her in the right direction. Lu has finally been able to start detox services. She has also started receiving SSI after years of attempting to get her benefits. She has never had a steady income before so this will dramatically improve and change her life. She will now be able to sign up for income-based housing as well as "getting some fresh kicks.” Lu continues to remain positive and work hard on getting herself and her partner on the right track as he recovers from his accident.



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