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This is John.

From Ashley, Case Manager at Village of Hope:

When I first met John, I was a part of the Outreach Team at C@P.

John was in BAD shape staying in an abandoned trailer.

The City of Salem asked us to check on the person staying in the trailer because it was going to be towed. C@P and a close community partner were very concerned with his living conditions. Through some advocacy at a navigation meeting, we offered John a spot at our Village Of Hope site.

John was able to get stability and obtain medical during his stay here. John began to start the journey on getting the tools to help his quality of life.

On January 17th, John entered a medical transport vehicle to go to a permanent housing facility that could support him with his high needs. Those of us who knew John were smiling because he always kept us on our toes, from the water fight at the old site to sharing a smart remark when you walked by.

This is an example of the bittersweet part of our job. We will miss him, but we are grateful for his success at another agency.



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