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This is Kim.

Kim gets her love of cooking from her grandma, who’s kitchen she would sit in as a little kid sneaking fresh made tortillas. Like us all, Kim has dreams and her dream is to open a café that would include tortillas, lasagna, and a host of other treats. “I love feeding people” says Kim the 47-year-old mother of 6. Originally from California, she moved up here to be closer to her mom and then in 1995, six months after her daughter’s death, her son was declared brain dead. Unable to emotionally stay in the home with her children’s absence, she picked up and left before spiraling down a long path of homelessness, wrestling personal demons and piecing herself back together. To get off the streets she moved in with her sister. Before she could get on the lease, her sister passed leading to another stint of sleeping in the streets. And while Kim has endured difficulties that would crumble many, she identifies herself as a survivor—of abuse, struggle, stigma and personal demons—who still dreams of happiness. This month, she is taking another step towards that dream. After coming to C@P in the summer 2022, Kim is moving into her own apartment! She is most excited to cook and use a bathroom, not a port-a-potty. During her stay with us at VOH, she says she met some great people and appreciated being able to lock her door. The thing she wishes for Salem to know is that “just because we’re homeless doesn’t mean we’re evil, bad, drug addicts or crazy. At VOH, residents and staff alike have all enjoyed Kim’s ever pleasant and awe inspiring personality.

We celebrate her and her future.



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