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Meet Domonique.

Domonique is a poet and writer who began writing at age 10 because she had nobody safe to talk to. Now at age 19, she speaks with a strength of voice and clarity of thought that captivated a room of people at our recent Humanity of Homelessness storytelling event at Salem Hospital. Domonique spoke to more than 50 people about using her lived experiences with abuse, violence and houselessness to support, assist and advocate for vulnerable youth experiencing, surviving or recovering from the same.

As a member of Backbone, a Homeless Youth Action Board comprised of members with lived experience advising on policies and practices impacting youth housing stability along with organizing youth-focused projects and initiatives—Domonique knows the power of storytelling. Although we at C@P feel like it was a gift to hear the optimism, focus and openness of such an inspiring youth, we ultimately celebrate that after the event, Domonique said she felt heard. Thank you, Salem for listening!



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