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In response to the need, C@P operated a pilot project in early 2021 at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, demonstrating the effectiveness of a managed camp setting where guests were able to safely sleep indoors in tents. Building on the success of that project, C@P has since focused our efforts on opening managed micro-shelter communities and currently operates two managed micro-shelter communities. The need is great. Right now we have 400 plus people on our waiting list looking for shelter this winter.

The focus of our Micro Shelter Communities is the provision of a safe, sanitary, and supportive environment for guests to take the next steps towards housing and employment. With 24/7 staffing and on-site services, C@P seeks to maintain an environment of hope, dignity and holistic care. Our Church at the Park staff is well-trained to support those facing the challenges and realities of homelessness. By providing a stable living environment and support, we have seen many people exit our shelter into permanent housing and gainful employment. 

Through partnership with the City of Salem, other service providers, and an outpouring of engaged citizens, C@P is collaboratively working to expand shelter sites, with the goal of operating shelter sites in all eight wards in Salem. To that end, funding from the Good Works grant would enable us to open a third managed micro-shelter on our property.

a safe, sanitary, and supportive environment for guests to take the next steps toward housing and employment



adopt a micro shelter for someone in need!

Micro Shelter-Sponsors

Community Volunteers (Hazel Patton, Ron Steiner & Emil Graziani) are helping the City of Salem and Church at the Park with a sponsorship campaign in support of individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Businesses and individuals may get involved by financially contributing or "adopting" the purchase of a 64 square foot composite structure meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the unhoused in our community.

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